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Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation.
WebLogic is a registered trademark of BEA Systems and Oracle Corporation.
Solaris is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems and Oracle Corporation.
WebSphere and Rational are registered trademarks of IBM Corporation.

Cloud Programming
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Service Oriented Architecture and Application Infrastructure

Oracle Corporation Strategy

Oracle Corporation built its business by dominating the database market, providing the central repositories of crucial information that organizational enterprise must maintain and use to complete transactions. Oracle has extended its core businesses for keeping track of technology infrastructure, employees, sales, inventory, and customers. Since 2005, Oracle has brought a controlling interest in upwards of 60 companies with specialized expertise in niche areas of software technology. Its recent acquisitions and deployment of resources have in cloud computing.

Extension of the Oracle Core Software Business

  Hardware   Database Platform - Extended   Operating Systems  
   Middleware Software   Application Development   Cloud Computing  

Oracle has been marketing complete systems rather than requiring customers to assemble disparate parts from multiple hardware and software vendors; this is in addition to giving select customers access to its Fusion software product suite. This software has been integrating many of the products that Oracle has acquired into a single software platform; the stated design of the Fusion architecture is to consolidate functions available in rival products: SAP, IBM, Microsoft, and Towards that end, Oracle has been targeting Wall Street firms, many of which were Sun Microsystems largest customers, with the roll-out of Fusion.

Service Oriented Architecture and Oracle SOA Suite

Enterprise SOA: service oriented architecture requires an infrastructure which will provide reliable, manageable, secure, and high performance communication between the consumers and providers of services. The Oracle Corporation application infrastructure and tools have been designed to meet these requirements. Oracle has been combining areas of strength from its acquisition of Sun Microsystem SOA products into an Oracle roadmap and promoting its software as providing value through cost reduction, operational efficiencies, and producing intelligent data.

The Oracle E-Business SOA suite provides integrated SCA-based designer with drag-and-drop features for assembling metadata-driven business applications. There are unified events and services for enabling of applications through event-driven SOA. The Oracle SOA platform enables end-to-end instance tracking and business visibility into enterprise-wide implementations.

The Oracle Service Bus is a lightweight and scalable SOA integration platform for connecting, mediating, and managing interactions between heterogeneous services, legacy applications, packaged applications and multiple enterprise service bus instances across an enterprise-wide service network.

Oracle Exadata Database and Storage Servers

Oracle is promoting its servers as being faster, more reliable, and secure than its competitor technologies. One of its strategic objectives is to become the leading high-end server business for both online transaction processing and data warehousing. Oracle Exadata Database combines smart storage software and industry standard hardware to deliver database storage performance. Oracle Exadata Storage Servers use a parallel architecture to increase data bandwidth between the database server and storage, linear scalability, and high reliability. Storage software offloads data-intensive query processing from Oracle Database 11g servers. The result is faster parallel data processing and less data movement through higher bandwidth connections.

  • Exadata Smart Scan processes queries at the storage layer; it returns only the relevant rows and columns to the database server.

  • Exadata Smart Flash Cache has been designed to addresses random disk input/output bottleneck problems by caching frequently accessed data to fast hardware storage.

  • Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression reduces the size of data warehousing tables and reductions in disk space for primary, standby, and backup databases.

SYS-ED have been evaluating reports on: 1- The performance and concurrency of queries and how much less data is being transported. 2- Claims regarding quantifiable improvements in input/output response time and efficiencies in hardware. 3- The accuracy of reported performance improvements in data warehousing queries.

Oracle Training by SYS-ED

SYS-EDís Oracle course offerings and training programs draw upon our experience with the Oracle database and software in a multiple operating environments: UNIX, Linux, MS Windows, and IBM mainframe.

In the 1980ís, our system consultants implemented first generation Oracle databases and trained data processing personnel how to design, administer, and optimize client specific Oracle databases.

In the 1990ís, our PL/SQL curriculum and integrated training programs taught how to programmatically extend the Oracle client/server database environment.

From 2000 up through 2008, we taught how to install web servers, code scripts, and develop web applications with:

  • The Oracle Corporation development platform - Oracle Application Server, Oracle database, PL/SQL, Oracle Forms, JBuilder, and JDeveloper.

  • Oracle Corporation software as part of a hybrid commercial and open source software scripting and programming environment: JavaScript, VBScript, ASP, JSP, CGI, PHP, Beans, ActiveX, XML, and Perl.

Oracle Corporation's strategy is to be an end to end service provider with the Oracle database, Solaris operating system, WebLogic and Oracle web severs, and WebLogic and JDeveloper Java development platforms. In addition to our experience with Oracle platform, SYS-ED staff and CETi technology partners are recognized experts with IBM z/OS mainframe system and web server software: programming languages, and IBM MQ (WebSphere MQ) middleware. This provides a privileged perspective from which to explain, teach, and provide educational consultancy on the Oracle roadmap and Fusion software.

Few training or consulting companies have been providing Oracle and WebLogic training services longer or better than SYS-ED.

Performance Objectives - Oracle Software

SYS-ED Oracle courses teach:

  • Coding and debugging PL/SQL on different web server platforms along with the nuances in the Oracle implementation of the structured query language.
  • How to install and migrate to the Oracle database and interact with other mainstream databases: IBMís Db2, Microsoft SQL Server, and SAP - Sybase.
  • How to administer Oracle objects: security, performance, reliability, and data integrity.
  • Migration of databases to Oracle for an efficient implementation of JDBC and high volume database transactions and data redundancy.
  • Oracle database connectivity with the Microsoft .NET framework.
  • The Oracle SOA Suite for developing, managing, and monitoring scalable applications.
  • Solaris administration and programming.
  • Performance monitoring in Solaris environments.
  • Administering MySQL databases.
  • Java programming language - fundamentals up through advanced topics.

The Oracle courseware and training aids used in SYS-ED instructor-led and distance-learning courses is highly respected. The content incorporates an analysis of the program logic and sample programs which have been validated on consultancy projects. Given the intermixing and hybrid implementation of Oracle software with other commercial and open source software, reference material which demonstrates and explains will be fundamental to an effective training experience.

Upon completion of a SYS-ED instructor-led course at the client location, it is standard policy to organize content for future utilization in a web-based training infrastructure. Students are welcome to ask questions back on the job.

Courseware for Teaching

The Computer Education Techniques courseware used in SYS-ED courses consists of student handouts, training aids, and industry-specific examples and exercises. The CETi knowledge base aggregates and analyzes information in the public domain. Content selectively is added to courseware. At the client discretion an industry standard textbook and accompanying presentation slides also can be utilized.

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There have been inquiries whether SYS-ED still offered Oracle courses in hybrid commercial and open source software development platforms.

The typical comments were that:

1. It is extremely difficult to find Oracle training which provides the foundation and develops the specialized skills needed for specific development and maintenance tasks.
2. There is a scarcity of Oracle courses, week long in duration, geared to corporations and their employees.
3. A high percentage of Oracle courses are cancelled.
4. Travel costs and living expenses in a majority of situations are a significant constraint when it comes to attending an Oracle course.
In response to these questions:
Oracle Training Services Yes, SYS-ED offers specialized client-specific Oracle training PL/SQL, database administration, JDeveloper inclusive of integration with WebLogic and open source Java and MySQL.
Oracle Training Services Yes, since 1990, SYS-ED has taught fast-track Oracle courses and tailored Oracle training programs.
Oracle Training Services Yes, we have the flexibility and resources to provide personalized training for small groups. We very rarely cancel Oracle courses.
Oracle Training Services Oracle courses are available in multiple formats: distance-learning, instructor-led classroom instruction, and blended web-based delivery.

Industry Standard Oracle Courses

SYS-EDís Oracle courses have been developed based upon the foundation of adult learning theory and the application of the standards of the New York State Department of Education. We provide an impartial interpretation of Oracle software and hands-on experience which extends the source documentation.

  • Transitioning from older versions of the Oracle database, web server, and development platform.
  • Migrating and upgrading applications from the client server to the service oriented architecture standard.
  • Logical and physical design and performance optimization of the Oracle database.
  • Guidance on web development with the Java framework and identification of pitfalls.
  • Utilize Oracle in hybrid development environments.
  • Fusion middleware and Fusion Applications in the Oracle platform.
  • Oracleís integration with IBM MQ (WebSphere MQ) middleware.
  • Interoperability with Oracle PL/SQL in IBM's Db2: objects, builtin packages, debugger, and compatibility featureset.

If a superior training outcome can not be warranteed, SYS-ED will politely turn down an assignment.

SYS-ED has been conducting courses in the public domain since 1980; however, there have been changes in the laws and regulations governing computer training in the state of New York. The schedule on our websites reflects a projected time frame for licensure with the New York State Department of Education - Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision and submission and approval of curriculum. It will be updated quarterly.

Oracle Development Platform

Oracle Corporation provides integrated tools for application development and business intelligence on a variety of operating systems, web servers, and development frameworks. Oracle Fusion supports the Java platform and language in conjunction with the frameworks for coding scalable, secure, and extensible applications. Java APIs are used to develop specialized resource-efficient platforms: television, media-based client devices, smart cards, and mobile devices. Platform and application migration to the Oracle platform is based on SOA: service oriented architecture. This also is being applied to Oracle database integration with new public and private cloud services.

SOA: Service Oriented Architecture
          Oracle Data Integration          
      Virtualization: Oracle VM   Oracle SOA Suite   Oracle Business Analytics      
      Oracle Cloud   Oracle Database   Oracle PeopleSoft Applications      
      Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud   Advanced Data Compression   RightNow      


Oracle Corporation has been expanding its development platform with JDeveloper, Java language, and integrated tools for the Oracle database on the Microsoft Windows operating system and .NET. This strategy is being driven by acquisition of software technology and more direct oversight in open source software. This provides customer choice, interoperability and scalability: Oracle commercial product or free download software. In addition to supporting the Oracle database on IBM and Microsoft base operating system and web server platforms, Oracle Corporation manages and offers its own UNIX-Solaris and Linux-variant base operating systems and OWL: Oracle WebLogic Server and GlassFish FOSS-web server platforms.

Development Platform and Programming Language

      Oracle Cloud Application Foundation   JDeveloper   NetBeans      
      JavaFX   Oracle Fusion   Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio      
      MCS: Mobile Cloud Service   Oracle Enterprise Pack - Eclipse   Apache Hadoop Ecosystem      

News for Immediate Release

Consulting companies recommend SYS-ED in conjunction with distance-learning for Oracle web server implementation, database administration, and Internet programming.

Oracle Training Program

All information technology personnel will need to learn skills in order to implement the next generation of the Oracle database inclusive of the Oracle WebLogic server and the Oracle application development platform: Forms Developer, Report Developer, and JDeveloper. Training will cut across generations - some very experienced people will be learning these web enablement and Java technologies; while first generation staff will be using procedural programming languages and interfacing with enterprise and distributed databases for the first time.

Program for Client A:

  • Distance-learning will be used for Oracle: PL/SQL Programming and Oracle Application Server.
  • SYS-ED will be used for the 4-day Solaris: Operating System, 4-day WebLogic Server: Installation and Administration, 4-day Oracle: PL/SQL - Advanced, 5-day Oracle Developer Forms and Reports, 3-day Oracle11g or 12c: Create Servlets and JavaServer Pages, and 4-day Oracle 11g - Application Development with JDeveloper.
  • Oracle Corporation offerings will be used for specialized Oracle Database Administration and Performance Tuning training.

The core Oracle administration and web integration/enablement education will be completed from January through September; the specialized courses will be taken later. The exact schedule will depend on the workloads of staff members. Based upon feedback, adjustments will be made as needed.

Some personnel, who have worked exclusively with z/OS or Microsoft Windows will also require training on the Solaris and Linux operating systems.

Evolving IT - Interrelated Technologies

Information technology training is more complex and challenging than ever before. Organizations' have a huge investment in infrastructure and applications specific to their operations. There are industry protocols, web server and web-enabled technologies, and development platforms which require either new development or integration with the existing system software and enterprise databases. There will be long term implications regarding the strategic mix of commercial and open source software which is selected. Decisions will have to be made on whether to maintain and upgrade the existing legacy applications; while retrofitting and transitioning to the new technologies. SYS-ED trained a significant portion of the first generation of DP personnel. And looks forward to training their IT successors in the 21st century.

Java Training Program Apache Hadoop - Big Data Scalable Databases MS Training Programs

Oracle Courses
SYS-ED's Oracle database platform courses are tough, but they're worth it. SYS-ED Oracle training is for Fortune 1000 companies, government municipalities, healthcare providers, software houses, and consulting companies to meet their staffing requirements and acquire specialized expertise. 1

Courseware for Teaching
SYS-ED's courseware consists of courseware, sample programs, case studies, and training aids: PL/SQL programming, web servers, and development platform.

Teaching is Our Business
Most computer training companies are divisions of large software or consulting companies. Not SYS-ED. Our goal is to provide enterprise and scalable database for motivated professionals. This independence allows us to concentrate on teaching.

Our Teachers Know How to Teach
SYS-ED instructors combine teaching skills with application development experience on a range of operating systems: UNIX- and Linux- variants, IBM mainframe, MS Windows, and hybrid internetworking implementations. After a course, they are available to answer questions.

Enrollment - SYS-ED Oracle Courses are Not for Everyone
No one is allowed to enroll in a SYS-ED Oracle course, without a consultation with our Director of Education. We review the operational objectives and project specifications for the organization evaluating whether to send its employee for the training. The employee only is allowed to register if they have the background corresponding to the course.

Oracle Training - Distance-learning or at Your Office
SYS-ED Oracle database platform courses are provided over the Internet through a distance-learning delivery medium or classroom instruction. Client location courses can include the same workshops, examples, and case studies as through the SYS-ED schedule.

Technology Exchange Websites

SYS-ED websites compile, organize, and present software specific and established operational categorizations of information technology. They provide a framework for assessing knowledge transfer: web-based training, classroom instruction, courseware, learning paths, and validation assessment.

Footnote 1:

SYS-EDís core Java and UNIX curriculum have been submitted to the New York State Department of Education - Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision for technical review and licensing.

SYS-EDís core Oracle and WebLogic curriculum are being prepared for submission to the New York State Department of Education - Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision for technical review and licensing.

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